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 MVP Track Time at Road America - October 13, 2018
MVP Track Time - Red group Red Group

MVP Track Time - Yellow group Yellow Group

MVP Track Time - Green group Green Group

I’ve always struggled with pricing. I occasionally will get photos published in a magazine and they will pay for images. However for individual car’s owners/drivers, I would receive a lot of pricing requests, but only a few translate into purchase. The range of owners/drivers can be huge from multiple car owners with custom haulers and a motorhome to car enthusiasts racing on a shoestring budget. Track day events are about the same.

So this summer I started giving digital images to people and ask them to put a value on the image. Pictures I share are 1600 pixels wide suitable for electronic devices, wallpaper/Facebook, phone. If you want the original let me know the image(s) and I’ll arrange a way to get them to you. At the top of the image page you will text that has car info, image filename and a rating (1-5) higher number are sharper photos. (i.e. Number ~ DSC_1033 ~ 4). Let me know the DSC_xxxx filename you are interested.

I can do prints in-house up to 13x19 and for larger prints I use an outside source. For prints I charge depending on the size. If you share the pictures with others, I’d appreciate a photo credit. It’s an unusual method but I’ve never been normal so why start now. If you want to make a contribution through PayPal you can click here to go to my contact page and click the donate button.
MVP Track Time at Road America
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